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The Crafty Coqui

My love for art, and  handmade crafts is the reason I created The Crafty Coqui in 2019.  Life is too short and by using my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit I have decided to launch our website.  Here at The Crafty Coqui, culture is a priority.  You will find my Puerto Rican roots in some of the items we make.

That Caribbean flare is the reason why behind each product we create there is a lot of inspiration, love, and passion. Our love for life is the reason we will like for you to love our products as well.

We work hard and play hard.  We may pull some late nights before an event, but are also known to shut down the "Creativity Room"  to make time for the little things.  We are real people and what I mean this is a "Me, Myself and I" creation and production.  We love to collaborate with other Small Business Owners, and give you a peek into the ins and outs of how our small but mighty business operates.

Jeanette Torres

Jeanette Torres

Founder & CEO

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